Corona Virus (COVID-19)

Corona Virus Smart Team Planning

Consider Applying the 7 R's


Research – What is the COVID legislation and code for your type of business when operating going forwards.

Return - Whilst this is Covid specific, discuss when is the right time to return to work for employees, suppliers, and customers. And what pressures and protocols that return might bring.
Renew - When was the last time you reflected on your aspirations, values, culture, purpose, and vision both professionally and personally? At a time of enforced absence from the daily grind, this is an ideal opportunity to do this and renew all of these.
Review - Few business owners take the time to review outside influences on their business. Consider the current effects of social, technological, eco and political pressures and what might happen in the future; this will help you to re-orient within the new “normal”
Refresh – Consider major areas of your business and facilitate how you can review your previous, current and future business model to start identifying new market opportunities to refresh your offering. Customer attitudes and buying patterns are different now.
Revive - Examine the strengths and opportunities that currently exist in your business and take a fresh look in the mirror to ensure you can align opportunities with capabilities. This will help revive your strategic decision making and clarity of direction.
Regenerate - Look at what personal qualities and skills you and your team need and the actions to take to make it all happen. Upskilling for managers and staff into the digital environment. Arguably the most difficult step, so consider planning and implementation. Set up Forward Planning Teams.

Would it help if we were an independent partner within your agile team helping to deliver these 7 R's ?

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